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About totalPHYSIO


How are we different

Located in Raanana, totalPHYSIO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in orthopedics, sports and spine rehabilitation.


Led by Dr. David Joffe, totalPHYSIO actively combines cutting edge technology with old fashioned caring. A thorough in-depth evaluation is part of every patient’s initial visit. We then craft preventative and rehabilitation exercise programs to uniquely fit your needs.  Once the course of treatment has been determined, we focus on hands-on care, patient education, corrective exercises and self-care treatments that will enable the patient to become independent of our services.


totalPHYSIO operates according to international standards and keeps apprised of the most advanced and accepted treatment approaches in manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.


Unlike many larger clinics, our patients are seen one at a time and on time!



Cooperation with Clalit Mushlam


totalPhysio is one of a select group of clinics that has contracted with ClalitMushlam health insurance to provide physical therapy services. The agreement enables patients that have ClalitMushlam to receive physical therapy treatment privately. For this service at totalPHYSIO, all the patient needs is to present a Doctor’s referral requesting physical therapy. Patients are entitled to up to 12 one hour or 24 half-hour treatments per year.





Our specializations include:



  • Shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle disorders

  • Sport Injuries

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Low Back and Neck Pain, Disc herniation, spinal stenosis, whiplash and muscle spasms


  • Headaches


  • Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders


  • Postural Correction


  • Vestibular Rehabilitation


  • Neurological Rehab:

    • CVA (Stroke Patients)

    • Parkinsons

    • Multiple Sclerosis


The professional team at totalPHYSIO employs a variety of treatment techniques:

  • Individually tailored treatment plans

  • Manual, hands-on therapeutic methods

  • Personalised exercise programs

  • Taping

  • Dry needle acupuncture

  • Electrotherapy





totalPHYSIO is a fully equipped physical therapy clinic. In addition to standard rehab equipment – physio balls, weights, balance aids, foam rollers, resistance bands – the clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art rehab systems including:

  • Treadmill, with self-standing spinal unloading station

  • Redcord Norwegian suspension system enabling patients to do suspension exercises without pain or compensation

  • Norwegian MET (Medical Exercise Treatment), for improving range of motion, strength and endurance of muscle groups


טיפול של לקוח
טוטאל פיזיו


Dr. David Joffe


Dr. David Joffe has been practicing physical therapy rehabilitation since 1992. David holds a B.A. in Physiotherapy from Tel Aviv University and an Master of Physical Therapy (M.S.P.T) and Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) from the MGH Institute of Health Professions at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA. His expertise centers on orthopedic problems: spine, upper and lower limbs. 

David's private clinic was established in 2003 upon his return from the USA, where he gained practical experience while working at two of Boston's leading hospitals - The Beth Israel Medical Center and the Lahey Clinic. Prior to his experience in the USA, David practiced as a Physical Therapist in the Maccabi and Clalit health services clinics and at the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba.

David Joffe totalPhysio

Roberto Schnapp


Roberto Shnap specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.
A graduate of the Catholic University in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1993), Roberto immigrated to Israel in 2002. In addition to working at totalPHYSIO, Roberto is the therapist for the Israeli national handball team. In the past Roberto worked for many years as a therapist at Clalit Health Services and Herzliya's men & women handball teams.


Roberto Shnap totalPhysio

Dafna Karp


Dafna has a bachelor's degree in physical therapy (B.P.T) from the Ariel University (2019).
Dafna has been training in capoeira for 19 years, and started her own capoeira school 11 years ago. 
From her experience she has gained in sports, she has acquired unique tools to treat athletes, particularly those participating in martial arts and acrobatics.
Dafna specializes in acute and chronic orthopedic injuries, pelvic floor rehabilitation, 
rehabilitation after surgeries, prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

In addition to above specialities, Dafna takes a special liking to working with the golden age population.

Dana Karp totalPhysio

Ilan Shaool


Certified physical therapist (B.P.T.) graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2001.

Ilan specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, rehabilitation after sports injuries, rehabilitation after surgery and is certified in APOS THERAPY.

Ilan's patience and ability to communicate with patients is exceptional, many patients have benefited from his special and pleasant approach.

In the past, worked as a clinical instructor. In addition, he has also worked as a physio for the Ministry of Defense , private clinics, and Clalist Health Fund and APOS THERAPY.


אילן שאול_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Idan Bikel

Certified physical therapist (B.P.T.) graduated from the University of Haifa in 2015.

Idan has multidisciplinary experience, specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation, rehabilitation after sports injuries and rehabilitation after surgery.
Idan comes from the field of physical fitness and movement with over 10 years of experience as a gym instructor and a personal fitness trainer.
In the past Idan has worked as a physiotherapist for Leumit & Meuchedet Health Hunds, Beit Levinstein and Italian Hospital in Haifa. He has also worked in numerous gyms throughout the country.


עידן ביקל_edited.png

Shani Hakimi

Shani graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2007.

Started her career in the rehabilitation department of Tel Hashomer, where she specialized in the rehabilitation of multi-system orthopedic-neurological injuries.

Shani has worked for many years with IDF disabled veterans.

Shani is also certified osteopath receiving her degree from the University of Madrid EOM.

Shani likes her profession and the challenge of finding optimal treatment solutions that lead to the best recovery results.
Areas of specialization: TMJ disorders including oral and maxillofacial pain syndromes, orthopedic, neurological and pain rehabilitation.

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